/8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint (ST7)
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8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint (ST7)


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8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint is designed for stock market traders who struggle with emotional and psychological issues that affect their trading performance. Over three months, students will learn how to identify and manage their emotions to become more successful traders. The course will holistically develop traders on cognitive mastery, emotional mastery, and discipline mastery for mastering the game of wealth generation through stock market trading and investing. The course uses practical and evidence-based strategies to help traders improve their emotional intelligence, decision-making, and risk-management skills.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to identify and manage emotions that affect trading performance
  • Develop emotional intelligence, decision-making, and risk-management skills
  • Practical and evidence-based strategies taught by industry experts

What you will learn:

  • Learn to Identify and Manage Emotions
    Discover how to identify and manage the emotions that affect trading performance, including stress, anxiety, greed, and fear.
  • Develop a state of Emotional Neutrality
    Learn how to develop emotional intelligence and improve your decision-making and risk-management skills.
  • Master the art of Wealth Generation 
    Develop the art of wealth generation through the psychological installation of Advance Money Blueprint


Foundation Workshop- 8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint

Self Correction for trading

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Self Mastery in Trading

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Resolve Negative Self Talks & Past experience in trading

Coming Soon

Connect to your trading goal deeply

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Clearing negative beliefs in trading

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Develop SuperTrader Identity

Advance Money Blueprint

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AMB (Part-1)

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AMB (Part-2)

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SuperTrader's Emotional Mastery

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Trading Happiness Mastery

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Reduce Overthinking & Anxiety during Trading

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Unlock the Fearless Trader in you

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Master Virtue Building as SuperTrader

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Trading Focus Mastery

Coming Soon

Limitless Discipline Mastery

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SuperTrader's Convocation

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Experience Sharing, Feedback, Way forward on SuperTrader Journey

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