/BMM - Basics of Market Mapping - BT4

BMM - Basics of Market Mapping - BT4

Akshay Joshi

9 modules


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This course is designed for freshers who have no prior knowledge about the stock market. The course covers the basics of understanding the technical analysis for financial market investing & trading, Various financial instruments like - stocks, commodities & currencies.
Over three months, traders will learn how to identify opportunities to become more successful traders. The course will holistically dvelop traders on opportunity Identification, risk assessment, and execution through stock market trading and investing. The course uses practical and evidence-based strategies to help traders improve their decision-making, and risk-management skills.

Course Topics

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Chart Patterns
  • Indicator Based Trading.
  • Price Action Trading
  • Derivatives Trading.
  • Commodity and Currency Trading.
  • 5-10% ROI Every Month using options strategies.

Course Duration

  • 10 Week In-Depth Course
  • 1 Concept Class every week with assignments and activity.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions every week.
  • 6 month - Recording access.
  • Guidelines post-course completion.
  • Different styles for investment and Day trading

 Key Highlights:

  • No prior knowledge required
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Understand the Technical Analysis of the stock market
  • Understand the Options Trading Strategies and methodology

Course Fees (Total 40,000)

1. Enrollment: 20,000  (Self-learning starts immediately after enrollment)

2. After One Month: 20,000.

What you will learn

Understanding the Stock Market

Learn about the Financial market, Analysis tools like - Candlestick and Chart Patterns, Understanding of Futures and options, Option Strategies and Much more..

Buying and Selling of Stocks

Understand how to buy and sell stocks, different types of orders, and strategies to maximize your profits.

Equity, Commodity, and Currency Markets.

Learn about Equity, commodity, and currency markets, and how they function and how to make consistent returns in them.

Risk/Benefit Management

Understand the risks and benefits of investing in the stock market and strategies to minimise risks and maximising rewards.


BMM - First Things First

5 attachments • 20.34 mins

BT4 Schedule

BMM - Session 1 Reference Doc

6 pages

BMM - Price Action - 1

TradingView - How to use

BMM - Price Action - 2

BMM - Price Action - NEW

2 attachments • 2 hrs

BMM - Price Action - Advanced

Price Action - Basic to Advanced - Recording.

BMM - Chart Pattern - Basics

3 attachments

BMM - Chart Patterns - Basics

Session 3 - Chart Patterns - A Study

13 pages

BMM - Doubt Clearing Session 1

BMM - Chart Pattern - Implementation

2 attachments

BMM - Chart Pattern - Advanced

Session 4 - Chart Patterns and Indicators

15 pages

BMM - Executing A Trade - Part 1

2 attachments

BMM - Executing A Trade Part 1

BMM - Executing A Trade Part 1.2

BMM - Executing A Trade - Part 2

3 attachments

BMM - Executing A Trade Part 2

BMM - Cheat Sheet

2 pages

Doubt Clearing Session - Executing A trade

BMM - Futures and Options - Basics

6 attachments

BMM - Futures and Options

BMM - Derivatives Sheet

7 pages

BMM - Doubt Clearing Session - futures

BMM - F&O- Options

BMM - F&O - Options

BMM - Doubt Clearing session - Options

BMM - Futures and Options - Implementation.

5 attachments

F&O - Implementation

BMM - Derivative Trading Style Sheet

3 pages

BMM - F&O Strategies implementation Part 1

BMM - F&O Strategies implementation Part 2

Doubt Solving and implementation class

BMM - Trading Activity

2 attachments

BMM - Trading Activity & Concluding session

Doubt Clearing and Concluding Session.


I am a beginner. Can I join this course?

This course is designed specifically for beginner traders who have zero experience in the stock market. We will help you understand financial markets from basics.

What are the pre-requisites to join the program?

You must know how to operate computer system. Must have a Laptop and a Active Internet connection. You Must know the basics of using MS word and MS Excel

Are sessions live, or will only recordings be provided?

Live sessions are done, and recordings are also shared for limited time for revision.

About the creator

About the creator

Akshay Joshi

Start Right for Great Success


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