/8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint (ST6)

8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint (ST6)

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Master the Mindset of a Super Trader and Unlock Your Path to Eight-Figure Success with the Comprehensive 8-Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint (ST6) Course!


8-Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint Course includes an Advance Market Mapping Course along with a very in-depth Trading Psychology mastery course. It is designed for stock market traders who struggle with emotional and psychological issues that affect their trading performance.

Over three months, traders will learn how to identify and manage their emotions to become more successful traders. The course will holistically develop traders on cognitive mastery, emotional mastery, and discipline mastery for mastering the game of wealth generation through stock market trading and investing. The course uses practical and evidence-based strategies to help traders improve their emotional intelligence, decision-making, and risk-management skills.


Course Fees (Total 80,000)

1. Enrollment: 40,000  (Self-learning starts immediately after enrollment)

2. After One Month: 40,000


  • Advance Market Mapping 
  • 8 Figure Trading Psychology Blueprint  


What you will learn

Developing a Winning Mindset

Discover the strategies and techniques to develop a winning mindset necessary for success in 8 figure trading.

Eliminating Emotional Biases

Learn how to identify and eliminate emotional biases that hinder effective decision-making in the trading process.

Mastering Risk Management

Gain expertise in risk management techniques to protect capital and optimize profits while trading at an 8 figure level.

Implementing Advanced Trading Strategies

Explore advanced trading strategies and tactics used by experienced traders to achieve consistent profitability.

Analyzing Market Trends

Develop skills to analyze market trends and patterns to make informed trading decisions in high-value markets.

Building Resilience and Discipline

Discover the importance of resilience and discipline in navigating the ups and downs of trading at an 8 figure level.


I am a beginner. Can I join this course?

This course is designed only for struggling traders who have experience in the stock market. They have learned professionally but are struggling to produce consistent results due to mental issues. For beginners, we have the BMM course (Basics of Market Mapping). You may register for that.

What are the pre-requisites to join the program?

You must know candlestick charts, option basics, general chart patterns, demat execution etc. You should be trading atleast for 6 months after learning basics.

Are sessions live, or will only recordings be provided?

Live sessions are done, and recordings are also shared for limited time for revision.

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About the creator


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